Shenyang arrived in relocation services limited is a office buildings, schools, enterprises and institutions as a whole moving. Imports of Chinese-made machinery and equipment, such as machining center, CNC machine tools, injection molding machines, printing machines, medical equipment, textile equipment, air conditioning chillers, banking program-controlled switches, ATM moving in place.
company established Yu 2001, Shenyang shipped up moved, and Shenyang moved, and Shenyang moved company, and Shenyang moved company phone, and Shenyang moved company price, and Shenyang long-distance moved, and Shenyang long-distance moved company, and Shenyang moved company which good membership Shenyang well-known Enterprise, is a integrated equipment relocation company, has independent of corporate qualification, and through has ISO9001 international system certification, company has workers 175 people, and has high degree technicians 8 people, professional technology talent 35 people, Management personnel 20 people, 16-50 ton crane 15, 3-10 ton forklift 12, heavy transport vehicle 8, moving truck 27, in which cases 17 cars, gondola 10, Liaoning province, is the largest integrated relocation companies.
since established has, people big company get has social from all walks of life of vigorously support, while also for the large enterprises relocation exercise has team as: shengrui drive equipment relocation, and song, acoustic, and new Hong Kong electronic, and Yi pass electronic, and easy create electronic equipment relocation, Shenyang Bank, and traffic Bank, and Bank, and ICBC, and Bank of China, perennial cooperation, Shenyang traffic College, and Shenyang medical school, and Shenyang commercial college, and Shenyang College, and Shenyang shipping College, and Shenyang city people hospital, and Shenyang subsidiary hospital, and People's Hospital of people's Liberation Army 89th hanting District Hospital, fangzi district, moved and so on.
first-class management to provide first-class service, first-class talents to create first-class performance. Big companies over the years by the Shenyang city traffic Commission, the Shenyang municipal Bureau of Commerce, civilization, Shenyang, Shenyang city homemaking Service Association and a number of units of the praise and recognition. Scientific management, credit management, under the joint efforts of all staff, the company has been developing rapidly, safely and efficiently, the pursuit of excellence, the relocation of companies ready to cooperate actively with customers, create brilliant!