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  This package has more than 1300 Yuan in cash, about a surname Lin a month's salary! "King of the moving company Manager said. Responsibility on the way pick up for December 21 at 16 o'clock, a moving company is a surname of Lin moved goods and work to go to a customer's home, when the dealership to hulin road near, old roadside a surname invention had a package. "Haven't stopped the car I jumped up, pick up a look, is a men's handbags, there are more than 1300 Yuan in cash, and many bank cards. "A surname of Lin worked half-jokingly said to him:" now you have a treat! "
a surname Lam said:" with what? Families are in the package of documents, as well as key, leaving many anxious, was returned to him. "Don't know how to find the owner of a surname forest, packet was back. A surname Lin in the moving company has responsibility for three or four years, due diligence, work carefully, he became a moving van monitor. A surname Lin originally lived in the rural village of siping city fell, to treat his wife, moved from siping. Now, a family living in a small rented house. Hand in funding to find the owner of the company, "I don't know what good, got up early to the guidance. "A surname Folin said. Moving company manager of the Ginger is also the first to solve such a thing, he said: "none of our employees earn more purse money commensurate with wages one month old a surname ... ..." get their hands on the package, ginger managers locked in a safe in it. Find the owner, ginger Manager has failed. Finally, he called the hotline, wishes to have the reporters to witness, and to finance the search for the owner.
with the consent of Mr Wang after approval, closing the bag. Ginger Manager, and Mr WONG find the handbag cards, contact moving company finally found the owner Mr Wang's call. After dialing the phone, Wang sign my firm lost bags, and when it comes to his claim, he no doubt. After a meeting at the agreed place, Wang really from a surname forint hands, trust it's not "pie in the sky". Wang took out 500 yuan from the package immediately, into Fook-hands, but was rejected. Wang Lin who drove to work and on the road, they are going to give the customer move.

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