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Moving the market competition on the Internet

  in modern society with rapid development of the Internet, many traditional industries and emerging industries are marketing on the Internet and found a client base. Now 80% people have the Internet, nearly 90% people to obtain information through the search engine, to find what they want, can said Internet searching has been closely linked with the people working and living.
with small and large businesses continue to rise, customers became the first choice for many companies. Because look around for tourists spending human resources costs, low turnover rate, TV advertising for small and medium enterprises and overburdened network marketing with its cheap and efficient features are favored by many companies. In this way, the traditional industries of market competition, gradually evolved into the Internet search competition.
as we all know, is now the world's largest Chinese search engine Baidu, there are tens of millions of searches every day. Baidu search is different from traditional online marketing, corporate Web site can take advantage of Baidu ranked intention to attract customers click, to create order, to improve performance. Many companies want their products or services in the Baidu Home was retrieved, but Baidu Home only 10 qualifying, doing the same industry but there are thousands of home, competition can be imagined. Take "moving companies" for this word, many SEO web company in order to obtain benefits, at the expense of the user experience, using viral marketing tools, hanging around the garbage outside the chain, issued a Martian to get ranked, some even destroyed beyond recognition site. Make SEO more rational action is required, we make "moving companies", often beset by competition, but still get down to do their essential work.
in short, spend time and effort and results must be proportional to the, any service industry needs stable and lasting development, opportunistic behavior last injury must be your own.

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