Inner demons "ants" stolen more than 10 times the company 25 kg Silver

  recently, the civilian police patrol Brigade of Jiangyin qingyang, bayonet while on duty, spotted a man acting suspiciously, through the belongings checked, and seized 25 packets of 1 kg of silver and a bag of psoriasis. According to suspect an account, these items sell him was a man surnamed Ma.
through the Internet, police found MA from the nanzhang County of Hubei Province, currently working in the shanguanzhen some electronics limited company of Jiangyin City. According to one unit and the nature of the work, and links to these raw materials, police judgment over stolen goods after a theft from the company is likely to be turned over to Xu. Tong Qi, in conjunction with the police immediately rushed to the shanguanzhen to find the horse. Police horses a truthful confession of his crime. It turns out that Ma and Xu met when she used to work in Guangdong, after entering the stolen enterprise work, hydrogenated silver found during the company's raw materials of economic value, it played a crooked mind, used his position to "ants" were doing stealing business. The seized powder is more than 10 times from the theft, after some haggling ultimately to be sold at 121,000 to Xu.
at present, Xu, MA Jiangyin, two people have been detained by the police.

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