Eight retired workers moved three times to take care of soldiers

  ancient Meng Mu moved three times in order to make son Ke grew up in a good environment. This robust mother three times, in order to leave her "son" more recently. This robust mother
, yanchuan, Shaanxi Province is more than 80 years old retired worker Lu Yulian. Since 1975 met yanchuan County squadrons of armed police officers and soldiers,
, the squadron moved 3 times, when MOM is close to 3 will move to the squadron.
this love is so deep, so long? Lu said his mother her whole life will never forget that--61 years ago to avert the horse Bandit and hidden in a grain bin Lu Jia 5 sisters, gets a "Red Star" uncles out one by one ... ... Later, she went to the front, married a Red Army soldiers joined the Communist Party, the soldier of love is forever, buried deeply in her heart. Xiao Xue was an orphan
soldiers, withdrawn. Lu after his mother heard, each squadron would find his Deputy Dawg, festivals also brought him to his house and gave him the flavor of the lamb. Xiao Xue 18 birthday, when mother made the cake for him, and his family for his birthday, just to warm his heart. When the end of, Xiao Xue was named outstanding soldier.
"when my wife gave birth to a child, thanks to robust mother. "Talk about the good old man, worked as a Secretary in the squadron of Jung, eyes moist. In December 2000, Kong Rong's wife, Bao Lili imminent delivery, he recruits the joint and several recruits, unable to go back and take care of. Lu mother learned that Hou, day on put Bao Lili received himself home, put children honor she of nutrition, to Bao Lili nourishing body......
who also tell, Lu mother what ushered in has how many stubble recruits, and sent go has how many stubble veterans, we only know, was Lu mother please to home guest of soldiers family on has hundreds of bit, in she that simple is warm of cave in, she has served has more than 10 over sat confined of soldiers family.

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