Exposed King moving next season to

  on March 2, according to the associated press, before the all-Star weekend, there was news that the Kings were considered next season relocated home. When NBA Commissioner David Stern said that if the team wants to move, the Union will not put pressure on any party, as to where the King wanted to move to, he did not know why.
under NBA rules, if the team plans to move next season, then they must submit an application to the League this season before March 1. But the League made an exception today to give the Kings a month, to decide whether you want to move, and where is the new home.
it is reported that the King is now hard to choose one. They also have a month's time, in Southern California's Orange County and the city of Anaheim to make the final selection. Message from within the team, more interested in Anaheim, the introduction of an NBA team.
Anaheim, Honda Center arena, home to the team can meet the Union's requirements. Union NBA Board of Governors meeting to be held in mid-April to discuss their relocation, and eventually King relocation decisions must be made before April 18.
1985 King moved to Sacramento, capital of California, and changed its name to the Sacramento Kings. In 26 years in the Hanseatic City, their best finish was in the 2001-02 season, the League's best record of 61 WINS and 21 losses going into the playoffs. In the Western finals, the Kings and the defending champion Lakers to seven wars, culminating in the overtime of the seventh game with 6 points lost out.
, but in recent seasons, along with King's record decline, even the Arco Center at home had to changed its name to energy balance arena. For the hard decisions to move home, Kings owner Maloof brothers are in a dilemma. But as a former NBA player, City Mayor Kevin Johnson is understood to them. "They may be better than leaving," Johnson said, "of course, this is not a final decision. They are negotiating with Anaheim, if you are not successful, I think this team will stay in Sacramento, while leaving is not the best decision. ”

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