, Jiaozhou 335 led Lo-living houseless moved the end times

  on March 29, the housing communities in Jiaozhou River source, spring warm sun through the window, according to Tan Guiying in Jiaozhou public face. Looking at his new home, there's a different kind of Tan Guiying excited about said winter was standing at the window of her favorite touch hot heating. Tan Guiying, a move into the River on June 27, 2008 source housing community, living in the community as well as 35 other families, most of them are up on the low living houseless.
"I am already 71 years old, lived before building on it's impossible not to think. "Tan Guiying wipe the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, always with a happy smile on his face," see, see, even keep the flue in the kitchen, and Government has to be so considerate. "More than 70 year old Tan Guiying three generations have no fixed income, the eldest son, and sickly small son, daughter-in-law and no income source, family lived on temporary workers and relatives helped make ends meet. On said, want a House, hope House, hoping for several decades.
said in previous housing conditions, talk about aunt not by saying: "in the past and now live in the House have no law whatsoever. I have rent and got more than 30 years, before in the two River and rented a house near a textile mill, 2 Guest House is about more than more than 30 square feet, family 3 people huddled together, fear most is the rain and the snow. "
in March 2008, talk about Boyle in the property management sector has learned that William zu housing Jiaozhou news, talking about aunt will soon prepare application materials into the hands of staff, staff soon for her to go through all the formalities.
in May 2008, Tan Guiying saw his name in the first phase of public housing tenants in the list. After 30 days, talk about Boyle in the low-rent housing signed his name on the lease agreement. According to the standard, low-income family security within the area free of rent, exceeds the standard rent per square metre of usable floor area of 1.6 Yuan rent; protection for low-income families within the area per square metre of usable floor area 1 Yuan a month, the excess area rents to pay 1.6 Yuan per square meter per month rent. In this way, Tan Guiying need only pay 18 Yuan a month rent are available.
paid a year's rent, Tan Guiying holds the key to open the South due north towards the House, and others newly built cottage rental now compared to 300 yuan per month, rent a lot cheaper. Unity of community property, trash pickup, water, electric and other supporting facilities, more than in the past. &Nbsp;  "room to live, it's hard to experience the pain of no houses rent. "Remember that decades of life, talk about her childhood growing up in Jiaozhou, since he could remember, life has been unsettled, erratic. Moving into her deepest memories. Live in poverty and rely on the low gold to maintain life. "
according to understand, Jiaozhou for from essentially solution city low-income family housing difficult problem, 2008 municipal government issued has Jiaozhou economic applies housing management approach and Jiaozhou low rent housing guarantees approach and the do public 10 items system, investment 6.05 million Yuan purchased built low rent housing 162 sets, as 2010 end of Jiaozhou implementation low rent housing 335 households, through implementation real distribution rent 162 households; rental housing subsidies 173 households, issued rental housing subsidies cumulative about 500,000 yuan.
reportedly, "Twelve-Five" during, according to Jiaozhou housing guarantees three years planning platform for, 2011 Jiaozhou will preparation low rent housing guarantees 70 households; preparation public rental housing guarantees 100 households; preparation economic applies housing guarantees 100 households; 2012, issued low rent housing rental subsidies guarantees 50 households; preparation public rental housing guarantees 100 households; preparation economic applies housing guarantees 100 households; 2013, preparation low rent housing guarantees 60 households ; To build public rental housing protection 50; to build affordable housing to protect 100 households.

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