Haikou 4 strains of century-old trees in the overseas Chinese will "move"

  Qiao road, Haikou groundbreaking ceremony held today. This reporter has learned, the project will be built in Hainan overseas Chinese high school underground 400-meter tunnel. At overseas campuses in 4 century old trees will face a "moving".
City of ancient and famous trees are non-renewable resources, in order to protect the 4 century old trees, Haikou city authorities have drawn up a detailed migration plan and taken a number of measures to ensure that tree survival rate after transplantation.
/> 4 years old tree needed transplantation "needed in the migration of trees, including overseas campuses in 4 of the old tree. "Green Office official in Haikou, said that these old trees are secondary to protect ancient trees (100-300 years old). Apart from 4 strains of ancient trees, including 79 diameter 50 cm above the trees.
yesterday afternoon, a retired school teacher's Guide, the reporter found the 4 on the Chinese campus after the vicissitudes of old trees, 3 figs and 1 bischofia respectively. Old teacher said that some ancient trees throughout the lush, deep, just propped up on campus a few huge green umbrella.
provincial Housing Department officials said, according to the Hainan town landscaping Ordinance, second-level protection to trees above the provincial level key projects or large infrastructure needed transplant old trees and ancient tree resources, approved by the city, County, and provincial construction administrative departments for the record.
it is understood that migration for the effect on trees for the construction of the road, Haikou City Committee has reported to the approval of the municipal government, and has been reported to the provincial Housing Department for the record.
strives to build roads and tree-win
overseas Chinese said that the 4 ancient trees witnessed the development of overseas Chinese whose fate triggered wide attention from teachers and students on campus, "to my Office every day, teachers discuss how to better protect the ancient trees. "
provincial Housing Department officials believe that transplanting of so many, after years of growth, even if the transplant survival rate would be difficult to return to the current situation. Ancient and famous trees and tree is a valuable ecological and landscape resources of the city, is a symbol of the region's history and culture, nature and precious legacy left by predecessors. Many at home and abroad to protect and avoid change road to the ancient and famous trees, or in cases of special measures.
"for protection after hundreds of years, no regeneration of valuable and old trees, and even increase the project investment, extension of the construction period is worth it. "The official said, though traffic bottlenecks, traffic problems, is a priority, but try to deal with the construction and protection of the historical heritage of the current relationship, and strive to achieve a win-win situation.
develop better transplant programme
gardens of Haikou City Bureau has invited a number of experts to the site to view, in conjunction with city city investment company 4 old tree transplantation research and feasibility studies, drawn up on the basis of the transplant programme. Programming, according to the Haikou municipal Bureau of landscape engineering Cai Changyun introduced them at the site of old trees growing conditions, measures of growth, cutting, pruning, mechanical lifting, transport, conservation series technical problems after transplantation evaluation in programme, recommended that the transplantation of these 4 ancient trees on the campus. For two main aspects:
is an ancient tree trees a long, not changing, its now underpin the growth of the soil, climate and environment; second, the tall trees, lifting and transportation over long distances is very difficult, not only existing road conditions in the overseas Chinese unable to meet large transport vehicles, and damage to the trees.
reporters saw to ensure the tree survived transplantation, budget lists many "thoughtful" considerations. Programme also stipulates that the trees after 5 years of maintenance and management by construction units responsible for the implementation, delegates with appropriate professional qualifications of green conservation units for conservation management of ancient trees to ensure that old tree transplant survival. Financed by the city investment company, is responsible for implementation.

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