Female college students for the provincial rent moved 29 times

  at the age of 6, girl ya Peng Jing, Wuhan lost his father, and mother, began a difficult survival course.
to let seriously ill mother happy, obedient little girl never wore a new dress for 17 consecutive years. During the reading, in addition to her classes, but doing picking up trash, hanzheng Street stock, helped my mother to shop and so on.
the weight of life, in her eyes is "piece of cake", and my mother happy, is her greatest joy. Yesterday, reporters learned from the jianghan University, the school's Department of finance senior Peng Jing was selected as the "River's top ten newsmakers" candidate. Interview with
, Peng Jing said he had for his mother Wang Qingfu wrote an article: in my next life, I want to be your mother!
text/reporter Yu Xun Liu Zhichun Weng Xiaobo correspondents intern Luo Jiajia
/reporter Li Shaomin
senior girl: MOM, I did your mother!
accidents, Heaven into a cellar
Peng Jing was born in 1988 in an ordinary family in Wuhan, parents in Wuchang Zhongshan Road ran an electrical repair shop. Although not too much wealth, but three enjoyable, neighborhood harmony.
Peng Jing remember when MOM likes riding a bike, street shouting "repairing appliances! "And she was standing in his bicycle basket, together with her mother.
in 1994, a disaster completely broke Peng Jing happy: the father and cousin at work, accidentally causing an oxygen tank explosion, two people were killed on the spot, upstairs a mistress of the bombing with severe injuries.
Peng Jing said: "on that day, I had no idea what was happening. That night his neighbor's uncle asked me to eat and sleep in his house ... ... I met her mother, she has been in hospital in a coma several times, not before her. "
the accident, was identified as father improperly need compensation for the loss suffered by the victims upstairs. Almost every day, and all the valuable things, tricycles, bicycles, including BP were taken up.
after the mother returned from the hospital, but rice, there's nothing there. Mother and daughter all the money out, adding up to a five. Only enough to stores to buy a bottle of fermented bean curd, which is all of them for two weeks next.
later, Grandpa sent over some money, has managed to do for dad and cousin funeral.
candle, mother shop
to go to college soon, Peng Jing in the bedroom to see the Wuhan evening news News, Taobao unit selection a number of poor women in the country, supporting their business in online shop, her mother reported the case to the organizers. After you go home and tell MOM, mother and daughter both happy, looking forward to be selected every day.
in June 2008, the organizers called the mother, saying she had passed the inspection, becoming official candidates. Soon, reporters thunderstorms come to Peng Jing with a brand new computer home. She still remembers this scene: "that day just rain leaking in our family, where there are no computers, had to put the bed. "
store up, mother and daughter both shop up for a very nice name: Sun Shun Lee. She explained: "I like the yellow, because that is the color of the Sun, represents the positive, uplifting, warm. Mother and I is in the community's love survive, so we named Sun, because mother shangbanbeizi is not very smooth, so I hope everyone goes in all directions, and is called the Shun Lee. "
Mama shop, Peng Jing is even busier. 6 points in the morning, she had to mother's day meals, and then ride to the jianghan University at dunkou class every day as long as there is a list, are scrambling to get hanzheng Street stock, and then mailed. Out if there is a lesson in the afternoon and goes back to the school. The end of class, back home to help his mother pictures of Wuchang, online banking and other technical work.
many customers like trading in the evening, Peng Jing must wait until the morning to sleep every day. Rest well do? Peng Jing has its own way: "sleeping in the bus, even though many had no seat at all times, but I'm too sleepy or fall asleep quickly. "
as the mother and daughter business integrity," four sunshine Shun "Taobao is developing very fast. Has now become a "four diamond" shops.
mother ill, roof leak after a period of rain but it pours
, MOM will have to pick up the electrical repair tools, picked up his old job. This life continued until 2003.
Peng Jing said in 02, when mothers often feel pain, just to save money don't want to go to the hospital for tests. Early 03 can't take it anymore, only provincial people's Hospital find a doctor. Result: MOM long lumbar spine "of giant cell tumor of bone (bone cancer)," the doctor said if the operation can be 2 years.
mother's first reaction was not to do the surgery, because the operation takes about 90,000 yuan, and the lumbar surgery needs to be removed, re inserting steel nails and cement support.
doctor looked at her and weak girl and said: "I suggest your surgery, so your daughter can call mother for two years. "
the doctor moved my mom, she took out all his savings, and had surgery recommended that a few days later, operation completed successfully. But on the first day of the operation, Peng Jing's grandfather died. Stitches that day, mother, Grandma also passed away.
and her daughter's plight has been neighbors neighbors help. Mother is in the hospital, old neighbors took turns to give his mother chicken soup, fish soup. Peng Jing was in junior high school, a class is rushed to the hospital, dedicated to take care of her.
17 years without new clothes,

29 moved in 17 years, Peng Jing never wore a new dress.
Peng Jing said, when I was young, because there is no money to buy, all her clothes are neighborhoods. After her mother shop, slightly better economic conditions, but she never bought new clothing habit. Six months ago, she got a part-time job in an insurance company, the company provides a uniform, it should be first new dress in her 17 years.
, she also had the opportunity to wear new clothes. On several occasions, good Samaritan sent her to a few, but my mother "forcibly" to other children. MOM said, we help anyone too much, always to the point of return.
was born in Wuhan City, around the same age girl dressed herself every day wearing someone else's clothes, even MOM began cutting hair for years. Don't mind have any ideas? Peng Jing said, "get used to it. "
learning, save money, make money, is the center of Peng Jing daily life. For many years, mother and daughter rarely ate meat, never buy something early. Normal cooking, is also very simple, the last 3 years, they only use two gas.
interview, mother joked: "If you asked Peng Jing, where can I buy the cheapest things, she must know. But to answer the question where is fun, she know nothing about. "
maybe a lot of people believe that such a heavy burden will keep people out of breath. But in an interview, the reporter does not see the mother and daughter have any "bitterness". MOM say this sentence: "I never felt bitter, though we were poor. Because I have a daughter, her mother, we had a great time together. "
mother has a statistic from Peng Jing was born until now, the family has moved 29 times. Why move? Peng Jing said, "because there is no money, we can rent cheaper houses. But this is most likely to be demolished and almost moved to where the split goes. "
in 2009, with the help of the Government, Peng Jing-mother and daughter finally arrived at Wuchang near Xu Dong to a low-rent of about 40 square meters, you can no longer move. Idle when there is no order, my mother sometimes suddenly asked my daughter: "we have a big house. "" Where is, how is that possible? "At this time, the mother laughed:" I cover in the QQ farm. "
is the happy, once the doctor" live through the two-year "assertion failure.
in 2009, mother's condition deteriorated again undergo surgery, after discharge, can hardly walk. But mother and daughter continued to laugh.
in 2010, Peng Jing invitation Taobao, wrote an article for her works of the next life I would be your MOM. In it, she said with deep feeling: "there was no money, but I was content, I have a mother, can give a shout when I get back," MOM, I'm home. "Light is lit for me at home, where MOM is my home. "
" say children are their parents owed a debt in my life, you do it for me, so much suffering, let me also give you in the next life. In this life, you are my mother, it is "four sunshine along." In my next life, I want to be your mother, take good care of you. We would be reading, watching television, chatting. "
4-year University, Peng Jing is good at every subject. English 6 levels, is already a party. Xiong Tianying
her classmates said: "when we were freshmen live together, when our 4 bedroom family conditions are very good, always like to play at that time. One day, we went to Peng Jing's bedroom, she was absorbed in reading at that moment, I feel like I really want to learn from her. Later on, we knew her family situation, annual review ' State scholarship ' at the moment, we all voted for her. After each assessment, she bowed on the podium, thanks to her support. The memory is moved to this scene. "Office Director Liu Zhichun
Jiang Da business school said:" compared with others of the same age, Peng Jing the greatest feeling is composed, this is something she learned from living in poverty. Her family situation, if it is placed in the eyes of most people, is the day the feeling of falling, fear for life each day. But we usually see Peng Jing was always smiling, giving pleasant feeling. "
in school selection material prepared Peng Jing, Guo Wenyan teacher the school business school just in time to see this material. She immediately to pass this material via e-mail to his son studying in Shanghai Jiaotong University. Miss Guo said: "the deeds of Peng Jing, for others of the same age, is a vivid example. "
Li as an example, survive adversity Jiang Da
tried to save money, campus between classes to pick up garbage
after surgery, can no longer do anything. Neighborhood MOM and staff to run the low, more than more than 200 Yuan a month, removed an average of 140 Yuan a month rent, rest are mother and daughter all expenses.
after graduating from junior high school, in pengliuyanglu a flower shop Peng Jing got a part-time job. According to the flower shop owner's commitment, she could get two four fares a day. But Peng Jing never ride the bus, road from Rouge ran for 40 minutes every day, and rushed to the flower shop to work on time. After the end of the summer, she got my very first income, salary of 400 Yuan.
the exam results were announced, Peng Jing went to the affiliated Middle School of Hubei university. In order to save the fare, she doesn't go home and eat at noon every day, students are eating out, she quietly picked up the campus of beverage bottles and other garbage. They sell money, her day eating enough overhead.
in 2007, Peng Jing was admitted to Department of jianghan University finance. That she went to College, a restaurant near her home, an old neighbor Xu Bobo came to congratulate the mother. The same day, mother is very happy to be neighbors to stay for dinner. Take out 50 bucks to her: "go buy three or four dishes back. "Soon, Peng Jing came back, brought a bag of lettuce in her hand, and fired three dishes: shredded lettuce, leaf lettuce, lettuce pieces.
look at the situation of mother and daughter, Xu Uncle tears: "poor child, you don't Cook, I let the waiter every meal to your mother, you peace of mind to go to College. "Uncle breaks his
Xu, Wang Qingfu meal every day. In return, Peng Jing to Xu Bobo restaurant each weekend to help, even the Chinese new year is like this. Until a year later, mother and daughter move again.

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