King's hasty move to grab Kobe: come on! That's a good thing

  according to the associated press, King moved an endless stream of news in the near future. They most likely new home would be Southern California Los Angeles, Anaheim, in Orange County.
at present, the Los Angeles metropolitan area includes five counties, already has two NBA teams (the Lakers and Clippers), two baseball teams, two professional hockey teams, two of his college teams as well as dozens of other teams. King still wants to plunge into the piles of sports teams.
, Lakers coach Phil Jackson had expressed objections of the King moved to Los Angeles, Jackson thinks this will make Los Angeles crowded. But the biggest star player Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, but has a teachers ' concern and different points of view, he thinks this is a good thing.
"this is Los Angeles, and people here like basketball. "Live in Orange County's coastal Bryant said," If this (Orange County), a team is a good thing. "
However, when Bryant made the remarks at the, which is already a bit old. When King boss Maloof brothers have not made a formal request for change at home. Today, the King has designated the Anaheim, Los Angeles will indeed become more crowded, I do not know will not change their minds about Bryant?
it is reported that the King is pushing to move matters. Team and Anaheim municipal government and Honda Center boss has reached agreement on the part of the money. Once the Union received from the King to pay the $ 30 million "changes at home" teams can basically Pack.
Jackson's concern is reasonable, but Anaheim Mayor Tom Tate insists that here (in Orange County) in downtown Los Angeles also far, separated by a long highway. The mayor said they had invited the experts to assess, Southern California had enough population and wealth to receive another professional basketball team.
any team willing to move to the big city runs, the King was to seize territory. Orange County Sacramento twice the population and economic strength than 20%. Even if it's just a County bucks than like the Pacers, Thunder or the city, has a much broader market.

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